Savannah Lakes Real Estate Group
503 Town Center
North McCormick, SC 29835
Toll Free: 877-594-1232
Local: 864-391-5450
Fax: 864-391-5374

Where is Savannah Lakes Village?

Contrary to popular opinion, we are not located in Savannah, GA – although you can get there from here within a few hours. Savannah Lakes Village is located in the Western Piedmont of South Carolina, approximately 5 miles from McCormick SC.

Surrounding Communities

McCormick, SC and Lincolnton, GA (just across the state line) have Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Gas Stations and Restaurants. Both are handy for your local shopping needs.

The larger communities of Abbeville, SC, Greenwood, SC and Augusta, GA have an abundance of entertainment, dining, and shopping venues to meet your particular needs. Each of these communities is within an hour drive of Savannah Lakes Village.

Airports (driving times are approximate from mapquest.com)

  • Augusta (Georgia) – 1.5 hour drive - serviced by USAir and Delta.
  • Atlanta (Georgia) – 3 hour drive
  • Charlotte (North Carolina) 3 hour drive
  • Columbia (South Carolina) – 1 hour 45 minute drive.
  • Greenville (South Carolina) - 2-hour drive